Dell service is insane Fuck Dell!!

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Dell service is insane Fuck Dell!!

#1 Postby phansaw » Thu Aug 16, 2012 5:23 am

We bought a dell computer and the screen is always jam. I follow the instructions with customer service on software part over and over again. They keep on insist their computer is alright, after they finally willing to send over technician and tried out by himself then only willing to agree is hardware problems. They change the computer graphic card once and mother board the screen is still jam, after collect the computer from me for months, still come back with the solution "I changed the new motherboard and graphic card" , and the problem still persists!!! send it back to Dell, and then Dell change the motherboard and graphic card again, these scenario repeated, again and again for four times!!! Always give customer a bad computer without really solving the problems!

"I change the graphic card and it looks fine now, I already monitor for several days"

You dont know that "keep doing the samething but expecting different results is the definition of insane?" by Einstein??

Please train your technician smarter and customer service better!

Dell computer service sucks! Only know how to grab money!

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