Complaint filed with BBB, but Dell still screwed me!

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Re: Complaint filed with BBB, but Dell still screwed me!

#16 Postby davidoliver » Fri Feb 01, 2013 7:52 pm

kateslove wrote:So I have the full warranty package - I paid top line dollar for everything, accidental coverage, in home service, complete care. I wanted it all for my new laptop.

I have had the normal tech problems where you call India and have to fight your way through to getting someone to help you and finally somehow do, but this time it went above and beyond all that!
The bevel around my screen snapped off, something that you could put back in place, but it had a gap so I finally got Dell to replace it and it turned out to actually be the lid too (the bevel wasn't snapping back into place on the lid). I have a custom lid (they were really pushing these custom lids when I bought my computer and I thought it would be really cool that have something unique! BIG MISTAKE!) so I called up Dell and they said they would have it replaced, but then they called back and said they couldn't without me bringing it to the depot and I'd have to leave it with them for several weeks. I actually laughed at this thinking he was joking. He wasn't. I informed them of my in home warranty and the real fun began. I worked my way up the chain of India reps finally getting as high as I could go before still being told there was nothing they could do. So, I did what any smart consumer would do and I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau thinking nothing would happen, but just trying in my way to stick it to the man!

Got some notice and started talking with someone from the Dell corporate head office (still Indian though and I never asked where he was located). This rep informed me via email that they were able to replace the lid in house, then an email saying they couldn't, then saying they could, then they couldn't, then a tech was coming out with the lid, then oh no he couldn't - I was furious! He then stated that they would instead replace the entire computer (silly in my opinion, but hey), Dell then marked the situation resolved on BBB and I went on and explained that although I didn't HAVE the resolution I believed that one would be reached. But, lo and behold as soon as it was marked on the BBB as resolved, suddenly they couldn't do my custom screen as a replacement computer - only a plain one.....really great timing if you ask me!

They tried to weasel me off with a $75 gift card - you have to be kidding me! Do they even know how much they charge for warranties like mine? I called the rep upset and was (I will fully admit) swearing and yelling. He said I was being unprofessional and I actually gasped and said back that if i was being unprofessional what did he call promising a customer something 3 or 4 times and then taking it back? How professional was that? I never got an answer.

If I had money I would sue Dell for sure - as it stands now I am really looking for other people in Canada that may have been screwed over by Dell in the warranty area and would like to file a class action suit! We are the small guy and big Dell always walks all over us because we let them get away with it. Well I'm not letting them! One way or the other I will get heard!

Hi, I had a similiar experience with Dell.
I have a Dell desktop with warranty & my computer got infected with a virus (popups / spyware) and when I caled Dell tech support, I was asked to pay $129 for virus removal !!! They told me that the warranty I have is only for the hardware of the computer and not for software related issues".
OK, I understand this, but why an exorbitant amount for the virus removal support;.
Then, I did a bit of search and got to www" , they charged ONLY $ 39!.00 flat, took remote access of my PC and got all the virus and spyware removed and also gave me another 30 days of free virus removal support. I was extremely happy with the service I got from computergeek247.
So, my question is why does Dell charge such a high amount for virus removal ?

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