This sucks donkey b@lls.


If you are a customer DO NOT POST HERE ASKING FOR HELP OR TELLING US HOW WE SUCK.If you do any type of tech support for Dell, then this is the section for you to vent your frustrations.
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This sucks donkey b@lls.

#1 Postby RiderEternal » Sat Nov 24, 2012 7:39 pm

I'm just a rep from the Vostro Tech Support. Now, I had a customer who had some dead pixels on his U2311h monitor, of course I had to replace the thing to make up for Dhell's bungles about these monitors, but afterwards (3 Days Later, to be exact) customer received the monitor and now he wants a refund because... here's the clincher, wait for it... he was sent ANOTHER monitor with the same dead pixel. Now that costed me a good customer service survey because I had to really go through the whole 9 yards; also, my faith in their products are faltering unlike before.

Dell doesn't check their products too well or they're built half-baked...

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Re: This sucks donkey b@lls.

#2 Postby HELL in OKC » Tue Feb 12, 2013 1:06 pm

And the most funny thing is that even on radio stations when they sent regards to DELL employees they say “this song is dedicated for the Slaves at DELL in Howard that never see the sun, they have always sore eyes but anyway that is not an issue since no one see them“
They still claim to call his system “winning with integrity” when in reality is “winning with slavery”
In the end i want to say I HATE DELL so much every day more and more. Merry Christmas to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well you see,

Dell's policy is not at all to keep its employees happy. The following is an interview conducted with Michael Dell:

Question: Hello, Mr. Dell. My question has to do with the recent edition of Fortune Magazine. I noticed that Dell was not on the list of the best companies to work for. Does that bother you?

Michael Dell: Sure, Fortune has its list of the best places to work and it also has a list of the most admired companies, on which we're currently No. 6. We obviously would like to be on both lists.
However if you look at the intersection of those lists, you'll find that they're not very big. There's almost no commonality between being a best place to work and being an admired company. The challenge and the criticism I would direct to those companies that are only a "best place to work" is that're not necessarily very successful companies. We're not running our business just make the employees happy - while that's certainly important, we also need to balance that with keeping our customers and shareholders satisfied.

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